what is 3 word interviews?

3 Word Interviews is a channel I set up to try and make interviews a bit more fun. A lot of gimmicks have been done but I wanted to create a game aspect where you can win prizes from the interviewees. 

The words are given to them on camera so there is no prep and often you can see them thinking about where they can fit the words in. I ask them to bring a prize of their choice to give away and we've had some creative ideas so far! 

I like to be very interactive so around a week before recording the interview I put out a chance on social media for anyone to ask their own questions and I put these forward to the interviewee, so make sure you're following me to get your questions asked! 

After numerous requests and, despite the video interviews being around 15 minutes, the interviews actually go on for around 30 minutes so the podcast is the full, unedited, interview (unless I have to cut a bit out for some reason).

3 Word Interviews is also hosting comedy shows across the UK to showcase the acts who appear on the channel! Join us on a show near you by clicking the 'comedy shows' tab at the top of the page.

Genuinely, if you want to make a comment or ask anything, head to the home page and drop me a message via the contact form or via any of my social media pages!

Photo taken backstage in the Theatre Royal, Brighton while interviewing Alex Horne

Alex horne Dressing Room.jpg